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Enhancing Quality of Life Through Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Supplies
Complete Line of: Essential Oils, the Best Diffuser, Massage Oils,  Mystys, and Lotions.

Essential Oils by the Drop at Our Shop!
Make your formula with us, and we will sell you the oils by the drop or we'll blend it for you. We can also provide you with products that bear your company's label. 

Aromatherapy Consultations
  • Individual, Group & Facility Needs Assessment 
  • Program Development & Implementation 
  • Personal  Aromatherapy Applications 
  • Private, Institutional & Industrial  Aromatherapy 
  • Specializing in Aromatherapy for Long Term Care and Hospice. 

Stress Reduction at Your Site
DID YOU KNOW THAT.....   just  5 minutes  of Aromatherapy can significantly reduce stress and increase morale while enhancing creative energy and the flow of productivity.?  Just 2 minutes of aromatherapy hand massage of only one hand has a similar effect?  We can provide Aromatherapy Hand Massage, Aromatherapy Foot Massage and Trigger Point Pillows for your employees. 

Education At Your Site 
  • Group Programs for Administration, Staff, Residents, Clients 
  • Wellness Programs
  • Employee Health Fairs
  • Employee Recognition Events 

​Hands-On Aromatherapy Classes

All classes are 4 hours, cost  $50.00 
held at : Location to be determined. 
Certificate of completion of hours is provided. 

Getting Started with Aromatherapy
The basics necessary to  begin to incorporate aromatherapy into your life. Define aromatherapy and essential oils.  Learn how essential oils affect the brain and emotions through smell, all while experiencing the psychoaromatic properties of 20 oils. Diffusion is explained  through  actual demonstrations. Join us for a smelly good time. 

The Art of Intuitive Blending* 
Participants love this class!. Following a series of srtuctured exercises and aromatherapy experiences, students are individually guided to make their own intuitive blend from any oil in the shop! 
All materials included. 

Aromatherapy Hand Massage 
Learn the joy of giving Aromatherapy Hand massage to friends and family. The extremely gentle technique is taught through demonstration and practice, practice, practice. Basic principles  of  aromatherapy are covered initially. It is advisable to take Getting Started first, but not required. 

Aromatherapy for Long Term Care 
How to use aromatherapy in the long term care setting is thoroughly crammed into  four hours with a brief intro to aromatherapy principles, followed by demonstrations and actual use of diffusers. Handouts for future reference are included. 

Aromatherapy for Hospice 
Similar to the class  for LTC but the focus is learning to use aromatherapy to complement the goals of Hospice. A sample of our most precious Hospice product, Passages, is included. 

Making Aromatherapy Gifts* ** 
After already learning basic principles and having made your intuitive blend in the previous required classes, you will have the opportunity to make massage oils, lotions, bath salts and even glycerine soap. All supplies included! 

Mystical Aromatherapy
Discussions and  smelling of rare and exotic  essential oils and absolutes. Includes frankincense, myrhh, spikenard, jasmine, rose, neroli. linden blossom and boronia ($1700 per ounce). Small gift of individual's favorite aroma included. 

* Getting started is a prerequisite 
** Intuitive blending is a prerequisite