Minty Freedom lotion was originally made in 1995 for  Karen S.,  who had a sore neck. Since that time hundreds of people have found relief from a variety discomforts. This soothing aromatherapy lotion uses essential oil of  Peppermint, which cools, soothes, and reduces surface inflammation;  Black Pepper, which penetrates deeper, subtly warms and increases circulation; and Ylang Ylang for anxiety combine to provide 'freedom' from mild joint aches and sore muscles. 

    It is important that the lotion be applied very gently. Applying pressure to a painful area, not only increases discomfort, but also can compress the capillaries that carry the essential oils to the tissues. The term is embrocation; it is not massage.

      For Pain Reduction:  Apply a small amount of lotion over the affected area, as well as it's opposite side. For example, on top of the knee and on the skin behind the knee on the under surface of the leg. Allow the lotion to be absorbed for at least five minutes before bending or stretching the leg. This lotion can be used for neck or back pain; joint pain of fingers and wrists, hips and knees.  

  To Increase Mobility: Apply Minty Freedom to painful joints; thumbs, fingers, wrists or hands etc. ten minutes prior to activity. This has been observed to be beneficial by occupational therapists working with patients on fine motor skills.

  Anti-anxiety: the essential oil of Ylang Ylang has uplifting, balancing and slight euphoric properties. This component may enhance the overall sense of well being that relief from pain fosters.

 Earline, a 60ish woman with Fibromyalgia has been using it for three years. Initially, the more she used it, the more her mobility and endurance for walking improved. She applied it EVERYWHERE SHE HAD EVEN THE SLIGHTEST ACHE.  Eventually she found herself needing it less. She still uses it in her personal regime.

     Barbara, an home health occupational therapist in Virginia, says her experience with Minty Freedom and her patients "has been mainly relief of pain and relaxation of muscles and muscle spasms, significantly enabling them to exercise." She tells of, Larry, a 41 year old stroke patient, with left sided hemiplegia. He calls Minty Freedom his miracle. Severe shoulder pain and muscle spasms made it impossible for him to tolerate exercise. After applications of the lotion, he was pain free and his spasms ceased, enabling him to complete over the door pulley exercises.

      Florence who could not walk outside due to arthritic knee pains, found that when Minty Freedom reduced her pain, she was able to exercise and improve to the point of being able to walk up and down on the concrete pavement. 

     Margaret, who was unable to walk without a walking stick due to bilateral arthritic knee and hip pain, finds the Minty Freedom more effective than her TENS unit. Since the Minty Freedom she rarely uses her walking stick. Barbara says "That from a therapeutic perspective, the lotion relieves pain and spasms, enabling performance of the exercise necessary for physical therapy."

     Clients have said that application of Minty Freedom over the abdomen has relieved symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, GI discomforts and relief from menstrual cramps.

Minty Freedom