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Hand carved wooden diffuser box with brass sides $5.00
Fold a half of paper towel tightly into the shape of a rectangle the size of the box, place inside the box. Place 2-3 drops of your favorite Essential Oil on the paper towel and enjoy the aroma. Use as a diffuser for your desk, night stand, closet, drawers and more.

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Lamp Ring $3.00
Add 10-20 drops of essential oil to the channel. Place lamp ring on a cool light bulb prior to turning the light on. Use only with 60 watt or lower light bulbs. Heat from the light bulb will send the aroma into the nearby area. 

Passive Diffusers
Clay Angels Heads
You can either fill the angel head with essential oil or just place a few drops on the outside clay. The beautiful angelic face will carry the aroma to the immediate area. Hang in your car, or your closet, display on a desk or nightstand, Great for drawers too. 

Add ambiance to any room with these beautiful aromatherapy diffusers. 

 The method of use is the same for all of them; Fill the bowl portion with water, add anywhere from 3 to 30 drops of essential oil (depending on how strong you like the scent, how large is the room and how high the ceilings). The lit tea candle will heat the water and send the scent into the aIr. 
Caution: use only a tea light candle, NOT A VOTIVE, follow normal candle safety. Do not leave these devices unattended or forgotten. In the case of a very dry home, the water in the bowl may evaporate while the candle is still burning, always add HOT water to the bowl to avoid cracking the glass bowls. Although they are beautiful, the diffuser bowls are not Pyrex and need proper care. 
Make your selection and enjoy!
Resin Mermaid 8" High.
Resin Angels and Dolphins 5" High.
Cobalt Blue Moon & Stars
8 1/2" High.
Pewter 3 Roses 4 1/4" High. 
Resin Clay Sun 4 3/4" High.
Tall Lilac Mosaic
Small Cobalt Blue
Large Clay Angel
Small Clay Angel
Car Diffuser $9.00
Enjoy the aroma of Essential Oils while driving!
Try our Alert Driver formula to help you stay awake.
Place 10 or more drops of essential oil onto the all natural fiber pad and slide the saturated pad into the diffuser.
Plug diffuser into the lighter outlet and enjoy!
Approximately 20 uses per pad.
Refills also available, package of 10 for $2.00
Diffuser Box
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While Supplies Last
Available in white only
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Butterfly 4" High.
Harmony 4" High
Available w/ white bowl only
Taj 3 1/4" High.
Lotus 4" High.
Lotus Flower with 
Mother of Pearl Inlay 
5" High.
4 in stock
2 in stock
2 in stock