Aromatherapy for Long Term Care
Interest in Aromatherapy is rapidly growing in the United States by lay persons and health professionals alike. Nursing Homes, administrators and staff, need to become familiar with the basic concepts, as well as current trends and applications specific to Long Term Care. Please click on the links below for information about integrating aromatherapy into you Long Term Care Program. 

Goal for Aromatherapy in Long Term Care
Planning for Success in Using Aromatherapy for Long Term Care

Suggested Aromatherapy Products 
for the Long Term Care Setting

Equipment      The AKO Diffuser                                 

Essential Oils 
These are partial lists that are arranged in order of usual preference. Working one on one with clients, individualizing their preferences will enable you to fine tune your list. Less is always better, and many facilities use only Sweet Orange and or Lavender.

Always start with Sweet Orange and then add just a FEW drops of the second oil. 

Sweet Orange                                        Lemon
Lavender                                                Lime
Eucalyptus                                             Clary Sage
Peppermint                                            Ylang Ylang

Mood Enhancing Formulas for the Diffuser: 

Happy Home                                          Spirit Lift
Eric's Optimist                                       Tropical Joy
Eric's Sacred Haven                               Wintry Nights
Sinus Soother 

Inhale directly from bottle or spray into immediate patient environment 

Sweet Orange                                       Lavender
Limeorange                                          Calming
Happy Home                                        Revive 
Bergamot                                              Sinus Soother

Body Oils or Lotions for Aromatherapy Hand Massage, Back Rubs or Foot Rubs: 
Lavender                                               Spirit Lift
Eucalyptus/ Lavender                           Energizer
Marjoram                                              Stress Relief
Calming Minty Freedom Pain Relief Lotion

Shower Gels 

Note:Always check for allergies before use of Aromatherapy. 

Consult Aromatherapy References  for detailed essential oil properties, precautions and general safety. 

Remember that to experience the psychological benefits 
of essential oils, you should like the scent.