Aromatherapy for Hospice

     Dying is a process done by the living. In Hospice we strive to make those last precious moments of life as beautiful, as meaningful and as comfortable as possible.

 Aromatherapy is a powerful vehicle to do just that. If it can't hurt, and it might help, alternative modalites are often included at this stage of life, provided the patient and or family desire this aromatic tool. 

Aromatherapy For The Patient

Our most precious hospice formula, helpful for many of life's transitions. Elevates the spirits and promotes peaceful passages. This body oil was lovingly applied to the arms of my dying grandfather, who then passed on peacefully during sleep. Lemon and Juniper to cleanse the mind and body; hypnotic Frankincense facilitates spirituality.

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Minty Freedom
Soothing lotion combines the coolness of Peppermint,  penetrating warmth of Black Pepper,& Ylang Ylang to provide "freedom" from mild joint aches and sore muscles. Apply gently over area till lotion is absorbed. Has been used for Fibromyalgia & various arthritic discomforts. 

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Orange Sunshine
Sweet Orange with Bergamot brings the sun into hearts of almost everyone! Great for cheering up even the most disgruntled. Used in Hospice situations for patient, family & caregiver.
Available as an Essential Oil Blend for your Diffuser and as a Mysty.

Like a safe blanket, smooth this white lotion over the back and chest.     The Eucalytpus oil with a hint of mint soothes and gradually calms as it penetrates the skin, promoting tranquility of spirit and ease of breathing. Available as a Body Lotion.

Care For The Caregiver or The Patient

Alert Driver
Spray in your car. Inhale 2-5 times directly  from bottle. Spray mysty above your head, (avoid eyes)  under arms, behind knees,  and/or on the soles of your feet. If this combination of Lime, Rosemary, and Peppermint doesn't keep you awake while driving ...PULL OVER!  For the nurse on call.
Available as an Essential Oil Blend for your Diffuser and as a Mysty.

Most effective in a massage oil for quieting anxious emotions and bringing a temporary respite from painful situations. Sweet scent of Lavender and Bergamot with Blue Chamomile.
Available as a Body/Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Mysty and an Essential Oil Blend for your Diffuser. 

Erics Optimist
Even though a patient is receiving Hospice care, we never want to deprive anyone of hopeOriginally misted at Eric's ICU bedside, this formula of Lemon and Frankincense may be used to inspire hope and faith. 
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Eric's Sacred Haven
Meditative formula fosters peace and serenity. Honoring Eric's sacred journey, used by his mother for coping and finding acceptance during his comatose period. Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Myrtle.        For more on Eric's Aromatherapy and to place an order CLICK HERE

Fatigue Relief
Rejuvenate! Grapefruit; Peppermint; Rosemary.
Available as a Body/Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Mysty and an Essential Oil Blend for your Diffuser. 

Sedona Sun
Intuitive blend of Clove & Patchouli seems to bring the calming powers of Sedona into one's heart. Helps to ease anger.
Available as a Body/Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Mysty and an Essential Oil Blend for your Diffuser. 

Suggested Essential Oils 
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Inhale directly from bottle, use in a Diffuser, or use a Mysty form 
to spray into the air. 

For depression, may facilitate crying and then improved mood. Great deodorizer for GI bleed odor. Use in diffuser, or spray in air from Mysty. 

Very calming if patient can tolerate powerful aroma.  Wonderful in massage oil or lotion only if patient really enjoys the scent. 

Great all around deodorizer. For odors caused by lesions, place three to four drops on 4x4 dressing  adding it to the outermost layer of existing dressing.  May create a barrier from odorous lesion and facilitate more pleasant environment. Use a mysty to spray in the air, or an essential oil for a room diffuser. 

Mentally and physically stimulating; aids in concentration; major assist for relief of nausea. Refer to Peppemint Tales article. 

Sweet Orange: 
First choice for mood uplifting; anti-anxiety, may be used anytime of the day or night, happy, cheery, without being a stimulant, neutral familiar aroma; also aids digestion and helps minimize nausea. 
Goals of  Aromatherapy for Hospice 
                  1. Enhance quality of Life 
                  2. Improve mood and morale 
                  3. Facilitate emotional release 
                  4. Pain & fatigue relief
                  5. Basic deodorization 
                  6. Assist in Management of Terminal Secretions 
                  7. Promote peaceful passage   
                  8. Assist in facilitation of family bereavement                          
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.5 ozBody Oil