The Story of Heaven
This came through one of our students and dear friend, Trish. Heaven is her intuitive blend. Usually by about the eleventh hour of our  two-day  workshop entitled, "Scentsational Aromatherapy", class participants are getting ready to work on creating their first intuitive formula. They would have already been exposed to an introduction of basic aromatherapy principles, general characteristics of essential oils including brief botany and chemistry, the physiology of smell, the mechanics of using essential oils, particularly diffusers, all the while scent sampling 40 essential oils and absolutes. By that time they have a list of "loves", oils that make them go "mmmmm" when smelled, from which to work.  

Next they pick the most favorite oil from their list; the one they can hardly wait to use at that moment, and proceed to exercises, that I call, Power of a Drop, which prepare their nose and entire body/mind/spirit for our intuitive blending process. Next, students can choose up to 3 oils, one at a time, to work on their formula. They carefully and slowly add the first oil, (again, this is the one, that right now, they want the most), one drop at a time to a carrier oil, closing the container, gently shaking,  till they feel happy with the amount or strength. In other words, they are not feeling, "It needs a little more yet", 
Or, if they hurried, "Oh Oh, it's too much". Students generally do not hurry and end up with it feeling too strong, because this fact is brought to light during the power of a drop exercises. 

Deciding on a second essential oil or absolute, again, is derived from the original list of "loves",  "What oil do you love the most now, that you are happy with what you have so far?" Sometimes students want to re-smell a few from their list, to clarify which oil to choose next.  It is always important at this point, or anytime during this intuitive process NOT to be thinking about what you "should" be adding; or how they "might" smell together, or questioning what "effect" you want to accomplish.  Using that part of your brain, thinking or doubting, interrupts at the least, or stops the intuitive process cold, at worst. This rarely happens in class, as we constantly observe facial expressions, and can usually "see" the thinking wheels turning. This process is entirely about feeling the oils, and recognizing the feelings the oils bring about.

Trish chose Moroccan Rose for her first oil, and was very happy with the potency. Then she sat quietly and pensively, with an almost doubting look on her face. She kept feeling that her next oil was Bulgarian Rose, and said, "That doesn't make sense, does it?' Using two roses together?"  She quickly ignored that doubt, and added Bulgarian Rose one drop at a time, till she felt happy/joy from the aroma. Until this time, I. Too had never mixed the two roses. So on the side I quickly mixed exactly what Trish had done, so I could follow with her, on this smelly good journey.

Again, Trish looked perplexed.  "I'm getting this idea that lavender is next. Won't that be too flowery?" she said. "Just go with it." I advised. I quickly got myself Lavender also, because I felt I wanted to do exactly what Trish was doing. So, simultaneously, we both added one drop of Lavender to the creation, carefully closed the lid, and gently shook the bottle. It so happened that we both opened our bottles simultaneously, and in unison both exclaimed, "Oh my God, it's Heaven."  That's how  Heaven got its name and joined the Goddess Aromatherapy Line.