Intuitively blended by a unique Afro-American woman, may Cinnamon, Vetivert Juniper & Benzoin bring abundance your way!

Available as an Essential Oil Blend for your Diffuser and as a Mysty. 
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Dolphin Goddess 
Ylang Ylang, Bergamot & Grapefruit  make you feel like a goddess and let's him know you already are! 

Available as an Essential Oil Blend for your Diffuser, a Mysty, Body/Massage Oil, Lotion and Shower Gel. 

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Dolphin Priestess 
Inspired by "Aleta: High Priestess of the Dolphins", this exotic blend adds Bulgarian Rose and Sandalwood to the already luscious Dolphin Goddess, creating a rich spiritual formula. 
Available as a Mysty, Body/Massage Oil and Lotion. 

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The Gift
Our most precious formula! On a visit to Sedona,  four of the most costly oils spilled mysteriously into a carrying box. Agony over the lesson of the loss eventually led to discernment of the formula in the box! Boronia, Linden Blossom, Rose Centifolia & Vanilla. 

Available as a Mysty.

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When I smelled Trish's intuitive blend, we both said "Mmm, Heaven!"  Bulgarian Rose, Moroccan Rose & a hint of Lavender.

Available as a Shower Gel and Lotion, Body/Massage Oil, Mysty 

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Originally formulated for use by a very special Native American Healer, this combination of Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, Sandalwood, Clary Sage & Ylang Ylang may open your heart to the giving & receiving Love. Friends say it even smells like Love! 

Available as a Shower Gel and Lotion, Body/Massage Oil, Mysty,

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Goddess Aromatherapy 

Inspired by Goddess energies and created for the Goddess in us all of us!  
These formulas may just bring out the Goddess in you! !
​Every Formula has a story.