Goals of Aromatherapy for Long Term Care

​1. Enhancing quality of life for residents & staff

  •  Reducing anxiety in general population  
  •  Implementing with minimal burden on staff, creating enthusiasm: something that will benefit everyone
  • Pre-testing to determine & eliminate possible allergic reactions, aversive responses and medical contraindications

2. Mood stabilization

  • Individualization for specific group populations(i.e., anxious,hostile,cantankerous; Dementia, Alzheimer's)
  • Administering prior to peak agitation periods (i.e., 10 AM and 2 PM)
                * Avoid administering during meals; may interfere with taste
                * Smell of the food will overpower the scent of the oils

3. Attunement to gross motor skills

  •  Increasing sensory stimulation may be applied during exercise to:
                * Increase motivation
                * Invigorate
                * Facilitate breathing

4. Attunement to fine motor skills

  • Gentle application of appropriate lotion to swollen, stiff or arthritic hands 1/2 hr before scheduled activity to increase mobility
  • Use of Mystys sprayed in arc above head during activityfor alertness, concentration

5. Memory enhancement

  • Evoking earlier pleasant memories
  • Attempt to stimulate short term memory

6. Aromatherapy for Hospice

  • To create relief for patients as well as caregivers
  • Environmental: use of oils for morale improvement
  • Basic deodorization 
  • Pain & Fatigue relief 
  • Terminal Secretions