The Story of the Gift
​    It was December of 1996 when Anita discovered my shop. While trying to avoid traffic on busy Route 222, she turned onto Fern Avenue and found us! She was in Reading, home from Arizona, to visit her family. We became immediate friends and she did most of her Christmas shopping that month at my little shop.  When it was time for her to return to Arizona, she said, "If you ever come to Arizona, you can stay with Bud and I."  One month later I received a brochure about an international Aromatherapy Conference in Scottsdaleit was a half hour from Anita's! A bargain airfare and off my friend Barb and I went!  

    February 22,1997, (222 has been a significant number in my life over the past 25 years) we attended the aromatherapy conference in Scottsdale, Arizona; that's the day I met/smelled Boronia, Linden Blossom,  Madagascar Vanilla. and Moroccan rose from Nefertum Aromatics. The absolutes were very expensive, and I "couldn't afford" to buy them. I did have an income tax check coming to me, but it was already' spent".  So for the two days at the conference, I would frequent that exhibit and waft Boronia.. I loved the amazing aroma sooo much.  At the last minute, right before they were to close, I bought a small vial of each of the 4 oils. It came to $800.00!  That was the wholesale price, with an extra discount for being the last customer. The precious oils were safely placed in a sturdy white box for me. The next day I even took the box with us when Anita took Barb and I to tour Sedona. For the flight back to Pennsylvania I carefully packed the box in my carry on luggage.

    Once home in my room, I ceremoniously opened the suitcase on my bed, and carefully removed the box. To my horror, the box was WET! The oils had leaked out onto the box!!!!. I cried as I wiped the outside of the bottles.  Then, believing that things happen for a reason, I kept asking god, (yelling out loud), "What is the message, what is the message?" Was I an impulsive spender?  I had certainly done the wrong thing by spending the money I didn't have. Was I an unfit mother?  I thought how had I foolishly, and impulsively wasted money that I could have used for bills, or spent on my two sons. Joseph 14, and Eric 17.

    As I examined the bottles in the box, and saw the wet labels, I noticed that at least, not all the oil of each bottle had leaked out. There was still some of each precious oil remaining!  Carefully I tightened the lids. That night I decided I would sleep with the box on a pillow right next to me. At least my body would reap the benefits of the vapors until the box dried out!  

    Gradually I began to fall in love with the aroma of the box. It was simply wonderful! By the 9th day, when the box was drying up, I got the idea that I might be able to sniff out the formula. With this purpose in mind, I sniffed the box over and over and over again. Quietly, one late night I experimented. I obviously knew the ingredients, it was the precise proportions I was attempting to deduce and it happened. I duplicated the scent of the box and made it into a mist!!!!! The guilt I had been feeling began to lift. "At least I was able to duplicate the formula before the box dried up", I said to myself. Subtly, almost like wind from a whisper moving a cobweb in my mind, I began to consider that this accident just MIGHT be a mysterious gift from heaven. I called the formula "mysterious gift".

    Eventually the agony of my perceived "loss" led me to discern that the entire incident was actually a gift, and rekindled in my heart, the idea that there are no accidents. I did not know at the time, that this very belief would provide comfort to me through more serious events to come. As  I began telling my friends the story of the mysterious gift, Doe Wails said, " Diane, it's no mystery, face it, it is a gift." And so it became "The Gift"...I was given the formula, a beautiful gift from the universe.
Sometimes gifts are in disguise. May "The Gift" help you to discover the gifts in disguise in your life.

The Ingredients
  • Boronia absolute, (Boronia megastigma) from Tasmania is said to expand consciousness and crystallize creative thought; 
  • Linden Blossom Absolute, (Tilia europea) France used in meditation to help bring peace to a turbulent heart; 
  • Rose Morocco, Rosa centifolia; luxurious, gentle; useful for grief, heartache or jealousy. Said to open the heart, aid in forgiveness and boost self-confidence. 
  • Vanilla Resinoid, Madagascar. Used to soften anger and irritability; helps one recall childhood memories; aphrodisiac; used to manifest long relationships