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Eric's Optimyst
 I made this formula after my son Eric was seriously head injured in an auto accident. The Trauma Center staff attempted to make me "realistic" about his poor prognosis. I focused on my own optimistic version of reality and used Lemon and Frankincense to inspire hope and faith in others. It worked. Till we left, most of the staff saw our vision of hope.

Use Eric's Special Optimyst to bring optimism and faith into any situation.  

This formula is available as an:

Essential Oil blend for a diffuser                $11 
and as a Mysty                                            $11

​     When I diffused this combination in the nursing home, patients wandered aimlessly into Eric's room. It seemed to facilitate feelings of peace and harmony. When I finally came to grip with the fact that it was ok that Eric had been in a coma, that he was safe, and his journey was sacred, I named it accordingly.

     Use this formula of Sweet Orange, Lavendar, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Myrtle to reflect peace and serenity, find acceptance and honor Eric's sacred journey through life. 

This formula is available as an:

Essentail Oil blend for a diffuser                 $11
and as a Mysty                                             $11

Eric Jay Grandstrom was seriously injured in an auto accident September 26, 1999.

These formulas were lovingly made by his mother Diane, to soothe his life's journey.

Eric continues to inspire hope, a belief in miracles and an outpouring of compassion.

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