Meet Diane Grandstrom 
Diane Majka Grandstrom, RN, BSN, CCRN was an Intensive Care Unit RN for nineteen years and is a seasoned speaker who has published extensively on health issues.

In 1991 Diane was the very first Staff Nurse permitted to join the Administrative Medical Ethics Committee of her local hospital, and in 1998 had been part of a regional hospital committee that examined integrating complementary therapies into the mainstream. 

Her personal search to humanize patient environments in the ICU led her to the coordination of an enormously successful Holistic Health Awareness Fair in 1993, that portrayed a model ICU utilizing color, music, aromatherapy, and other complementary therapy, and ultimately aromatherapy!  

Diane was Pennsylvania's first Director for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) from 1998 until 1999, when her son, Eric, sustained severe head injuries in an auto accident. She developed "Eric's Optimist" to promote faith & hope around his situation and continues to use aromatherapy, prayer, reiki, color, and other alternative modalities in his behalf.

National Awards
  • 1990 Diane received the Special Contributor Award from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. 
  • 1993 Diane was the first recipient of the Norma Shoemaker Nursing Award from the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

Cable TV
  • Produced and moderated “Your Health Today”, a local cable TV talk show for 5 years.

Publications & Feature Articles
  • Woman's Day and Hospitals magazines
  • In 2002 Diane's soul soothing scents were featured for cancer patients in the February issue of Prevention Magazine, as was a brief story about her serendipitous efforts that resulted in Aromatherapy use at One Police Plaza after September 11.
  • Many other publications. You can see her other published articles here.

  • Diane is an Aromatherapy Consultant to Long Term Care Facilities, Hospices and for Pain Management. She has created a line of products for Hospice Care.
  • Diane specializes in environmental & personal applications of Aromatherapy in both private & institutional settings, as well as Aromatherapy for stress reduction, hand massage, education, wellness fairs, intuitive blending workshops, diffusion equipment & supplies.

National Speaker
  • 1996 Diane spoke at the national meeting for the American Association of Holistic Nurses when Jane Buckle asked her to take her place. 
  • Diane has presented the concepts of Aromatherapy to Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, and Spiritual Centers, and Nursing Organizations

Aromatherapy Plus
  • After hundreds of hours of self-experimentation, Diane developed her unique method of intuitive blending and ultimately produced her own line of mood enhancing formulas. 
  • In 1994 Diane Grandstrom's Aromatherapy Plus was established in Reading, Pennsylvania to promote public awareness of the joyful Art & Science of Aromatherapy and to make Aromatherapy readily available, accessible and affordable for all!

Studied Under
  • Jane Buckle RN, MA, Mispa, English international Aromatherapist;
  • Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, German chemist
  • Jeanne Rose, International Herbalist
  • Continues to attend numerous scientific conferences throughout the United States

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