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Favorite Books
Buckle, J.(1997) Singular San Diego
Clinical Aromatherapy in Nursing. ISBN 1-56593-876-3
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Best Nursing Book
Diane's Favorite Starter Book
Fischer-Rizzi, Suzanne (1990) Sterling New York 
Complete Aromatherapy Handbook. ISBN 0-8069-8222-5 
Gattefosse, Rene Maurice (1937, 1993) CW Daniel Essex, England
Gattefosse's Aromatherapy.
 ISBN 0-85207-236-8  
The First Aromatherapy Book Published in 1937
Pert, Candace (1997) Touchtone, N.Y.,NY 
Molecules of Emotion
ISBN 0-684-84634-9
Helps You To Understand Neurotransmitters and Emotions
Rose, Jeanne (1999) North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California
375 Essential Oils & Hydrosols 
 ISBN 1-883319-89-7 

Largest Listing of Essential Oils
Rose, Jeanne  (1992) North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California 
The Aromatherapy Book: Applications & Inhalations ISBN 1-55643-073-6
Lovely, Fascinating Favorite!
Great Formulas and Psychological Worksheets
Schiller, David  (1996), Sterling Publishing, N.Y. NY.  
Aromatherapy for Mind & Body
ISBN 0-8069-4244-4 

Scientific Information Written by Diane's Idol
Schanubelt, Kurt (1998) Rochester VT: Healing Arts Press 12,128
Advanced Aromatherapy 
ISBN 0-89281-743-7 
Inspirational Medical Reference

Schnaubelt, Kurt (1998)  Frog  Ltd. Berkeley, California  
Medical Aromatherapy:Healing With Essential Oils
ISBN 1-883319-69-2 

Very Thorough History Section
Tisserand, Robert B. (1977)  Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT. 
The Art of Aromatherapy 
ISBN 0-89281-001-7 
Classic Description of Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils

Great Kitchen and Cleaning Formulas Too!
Valnet, Jean (1990) Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT. 
The Practice of Aromatherapy
ISBN 0-89281-398-9 

Worwood, Valerie Ann (1991) New World Library, Novato, CA
The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy.
ISBN 0-931432-82-0