When a deep voiced woman called from New Jersey to register for a one on one Intuitive Blending class, I was intrigued when she told me why. After having seen my add in Visions Magazine she was so drawn to it, that she just knew she had to make the three hour drive to Reading to take her first Aromatherapy class with me. I was flattered and hoped that I would make it worth her trip.

    Then she arrives a tall, vivacious dark skinned woman dressed in authentic African garb; vibrant yellow turban, chartreuse cape, and multicolored dress. Her name is Ann. 
We spend the next several hours covering basic aromatherapy principles, sampling numerous essential oils and performing my smelling exercises to prepare for intuitive blending. Ann eventually finds several essential oils that she loves and work begins toward creating her first intuitive blend. 

    She chooses vetiver, cinnamon leaf, benzoin and juniper berry. What an unusual finished product. Ann loves it and that's the whole idea with this process. I would have never even thought of putting those oils together.  This formula is so earthy that it almost draws my face towards the ground. I start thinking that it would make a great addition to my own product line, so when I ask Ann if I could include "Ann's oil" to my list of mood enhancing formulas she readily says "Of course."  

    We really had a fun day; I believed she felt the trip was very worthwhile; and had certainly found the oils she needed. As Ann walked out the door that day, she turned to me with a look of deep wisdom in he eyes and said, "By the way, that formula is for abundance." And off she went. So for me, it certainly was worth her trip. 

    May the great earthiness of vetiver, cinnamon leaf, benzoin and juniper berry bring Abundance into every aspect of your life and know that the flow of  Abundance is infinite.

    I always like to analyze the essential oils chosen for an intuitive blend AFTER the blend is complete. NEVER beforehand, because that tempts the thinking side of the brain to take over, with shoulds, fear and uncertainty; then it is not possible to be truly intuitive in the moment.

Look at these meanings
  • Cinnamon: Psychic awareness, physical energy, prosperity
  • Vetiver: Protection from negative energies; manifesting increased money; balanced connection to the earth and material world
  • Juniper berry: Encourages expansion of mental and emotional boundaries and the embracing of new perspectives. Purification, detoxification and protection
  • Benzoin: Warms & opens the heart; helps activate and balance crown and base chakras; stimulates physical, magical and conscious energy