Everything You Need to Experience
 the Joy of Essential Oils!

About Aromatherapy Plus
Diane Grandstrom's Aromatherapy Plus was established in 1994 to promote public awareness of the joyful art of Aromatherapy, making it readily available, accessible and affordable for all!

Woman-Owned, Home Based Family Business 
  • Diane's Mood Enhancing Formulas have been lovingly created by Diane herself, through her own unique method of intuitively blending. 
  • Located in Reading, Pa., we are a woman owned, home - based family business that ships all over the US.
  • Diane’s products were used at One Police Plaza following the world Trade Center Tragedy on Sept 11. 2001.

Nationally Recognized Products
  • Several of our products have been featured in Prevention Magazine and have been used at One Police Plaza after The World Trade Center tragedy. 

Coordinated Products in a Variety of Forms
  • Massage Oils
  • Mystys
  • Lotions
  • Shower Gels

Superior Products & One-Stop Shopping
  • At Aromatherapy Plus you will experience one-stop shopping for all your aromatherapy needs, whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner.
  • We provide superior products at reasonable prices. We offer a complete line of 100% pure Essential Oils that are obtained from the finest distillers and distributors throughout the world. 
  • You will love Diane's Favorite Diffuser for it's so efficient and ease of use, 
  • Education is the key to increasing awareness of the many benefits of aromatherapy. We provide individualized support and follow-up for our customers, formal lectures, intensive workshops and group or individual classes.