You are most likely receiving PASSAGES Body Oil due to a current situation or condition in your life or that of a loved one. PASSAGES has been helpful for many individuals experiencing life’s transitions.

Gently apply the body oil to forearms, thighs, back and or feet.  It may also be used for a total body massage. The subtle formula of Lemon, Frankincense, and Juniper calms the mind, soothes the body, and comforts the spirit.

Persons involved in divorce, sudden loss of employment, or similar life changing situations have found moments of quiet solace using this body oil.

PASSAGES has been used successfully to reduce lymphaedema of the arms post mastectomy,  even as long as six months afterward, in one  a case of persistent swelling. The combined effects of lemon and juniper seem to act as a diuretic to help mobilize fluids while not interacting with other diuretics.

In the case of abdominal ascites from pancreatic cancer, gently and liberally applying the oil across the entire abdomen has relieved the feeling of bloating, and the sensation of tight skin, as well as reduced, (not relieved), associated abdominal pain.

PASSAGES is especially appropriate for those who are undergoing life’s final transition, the last earthly moments on the way to passing on.  This body oil was lovingly applied to the arms of my dying grandfather, who then passed peacefully during sleep.

PASSAGES has be used in numerous Hospice settings to provide comfort not only to the patient but the caregiver as well.  The oil gives family members who need so, an excuse or vehicle for touch without feeling too intimate. As the caregiver applies the oil, much of it is absorbed through the hands into their own body providing a calming physiologic response. More rewarding, is the idea of actually being able to do something for the beloved person. If the person is conscious during this time, loved ones have often resolved issues, revealed heretofore unexpressed feelings or made secret wishes known.

Note: It is not uncommon for a dying person’s body to begin to swell with fluid, or for the lungs to become congested and the breathing sound gurgled. This can be frightening for family members, even though most of the time, it is not uncomfortable for the patient, who may be in a stupor or unconscious.

When my grandfather started with the congested breathing, I applied PASSAGES to his forearm and thigh, (because they were the most accessible areas without having to move or disturb him). Within in five minutes the gurgling sounds were less intense and gradually ceased. He had three episodes of that congested breathing, each gradually relieved, until a few hours later he died peacefully in his sleep. The response may not be the same for everyone, but you will have an opportunity to provide yet another kindness to your loved one.

Please use PASSAGES with our kindest wishes; and may God Bless us all as we travel through Life’s Sacred Journey.   Sincerely,  Diane M. Grandstrom

STOP!!  This is NOT for your diffuser.  PASSAGES is a body oil for use on the skin.

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