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Luxuriate yourself with the sensual nature of 100% silk.
These Chakra Scarves come in the 7 colors of the rainbow,
each corresponding to an energy center in the body.
In addition, we have 1 scarf that encompasses all the colors
Each piece is one of a kind hand marbled design signed by the artist.
Wear any way or style you wish, or display in your environment to
maximize your body spirit potential.
Size of scarf is 8x54"    $30.00 ea.
As light hits the color you wear the colored fabric acts as a filter,
energizing your body with its color healing rays.
Use a chakra scarf around your person and instantly create
the "right" color energy to enhance your chakra's mood and energy level.

Physical Self

Emotional Self

Mental Self

Unconditional Love

Highest Ideals

Unconscious Self

Spiritual Self
Excites, energizes, vitalizing, promotes physical strength
Promtes heat and increases body temperature
Inspires confidence, courage, willpower, passion
Benefits nervous system, blood, legs, genitals, liver, colon

Joyful, warming, comforting, pleasure, sociability
Assists digestion, circulation, calcium, metabolism
Enhances self esteem, courage, assertiveness
Benefits lungs, colon, ovaries, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, uterus

Awakening, transforming, radiant, expressive, joyful, brings humor
Benefits melancholy, self control, increases instinctual awareness
Illuminates the mind, stimulates higher reasoning
Benefits lymph, brain, skin, stomach, intestines, muscles, liver, 

Nature's color, promotes growth, renewal, healing, calm, balance
Promotes peace, harmony, tranquility, love, nurturing, generosity
Calms, soothes, stablizes the nervous system and emotions
Benefits heart, blood, vessels, pituitary, thymus, bones and lungs

Truth, loyalty, devotion, serenity, peace, patience
Creative self expression, communication, helps the introverted
Cool, calming, reduces stress, fear, anxiety, panic; aids meditation
Benefits thyroid, throat, parathyroid, nervous system

Strengthens intuition, clairvoyance, dream activity, inner wisdom
Releases fear, frustration, inhibition, aids creativity, imagination
Helps free and uplift the mind from the mundane to the spiritual
Benefits vision, hearing, smell, pineal gland, muscles, lungs, blood

Highest spiritual aspirations, transformation, spiritual growth
Release of old mental/emotional patterns, promotes forgiveness
Enhances insight, meditation, intuition, dissolves negativity
Benefits excess hunger, brain, bone growth, entire system

RED       ORANGE       YELLOW       GREEN       BLUE        INDIGO       VIOLET        RAINBOW